Welcome to Cheeky Street

Somebody has to be cheeky

Happy at 48!
Happy at 48!

Today is the day I become a Blogger! Welcome to Cheeky Street, a place for us to dish freely about all things, no matter how insignificant. Expect to be amused, entertained, perhaps mildly offended and, on occasion, touched by an observation from a mature heart. As with everything in life, I just want to be honest and have fun! The view from Cheeky Street is twisted and mildly optimistic. I am not trying to change the world or even convince anybody of anything in particular. I am just sharing my experiences and viewpoints for the fun of it.

One of the things I did to prepare for Cheeky Street was schedule a “portrait” session with Cameron Gee, amazing Kansas City photographer. Together with his stylist, Heidi Seager Bowles, Cameron transformed my frumpy middle-aged self into this fun and cheeky blogger pictured above. I highly recommend the experience for any of you facing a career transition after 45. Cameron and Heidi “fussed” over me and talked with me for over two hours (like I was actually cool or something!) until they ultimately uncovered the photo that revealed my “essence.” What a great way to begin this cheeky journey.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Cheeky Street

  1. Congratulations to my Sassie Sister!! You have been making your family of 6 siblings laugh for 48 years, can not wait to enjoy more laughs with all your adoring fans!! So proud and full of love for you!!

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  2. I am ready for the adventure of your Cheeky Blog!! This picture is a wonderful shot of the essence of YOU!!


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